Tuesday, 10 April 2012

granddaughter made this

granddaughter pinched my stuff to make this card,i will have to find her a bigger envelope as she has extended it over the edge

this is the inside


  1. This is beautiful Pauline your granddaughter did a very good job on this and the insert is lovely.

    Linda xxx

  2. Really gorgeous card, your granddaughter did a fantastic job, I bet you are proud of her
    Lindsay xx

  3. It`s beautiful, What a FAB job she has done. Well done young lady. Chris xx

  4. Lovely card. I like the way the embelishments go over the side of the card.

  5. You have inspired your granddaughter, Pauline she has done a great job going over the edge is a good thing and she was brave to do it at her age. And she did an insert! She is good at this. Vee you will have to tell her all your blog buddies love her card! Vee xx