Sunday, 26 February 2012

pink flower

Another twisted Easel card
The flower i bought at one of the flower shows we go to it was a hair band cost £1.00.I cut the band off flower and then thought i should have just disguised it
the little teddy tag at the front says For my Dear think it came from a card mag,
i cut the middle out of the pink card at the top to make a frame
put little flowers out of my punch and used pink promarker to dot in middle of little flowers
I am entering this card for the
 Pink and Black or Anything goes challange

Thursday, 23 February 2012

This is the box with the card i made inside it
Put some sticky rose flower tape i had on this and one of the big roses i made

This is the new  twisted Easel card!!
The other sticky tape that was with the rose tape i cut it off as it was to big put  my butterflys on and some roses and the images of the Daisy and friends CD
words again says Friendship like ours grow stronger together
the butterfly paper on bottom was from making cards download

I am entering this card in these challenges 
 at Just Inspirational Challenges 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Made this thanks to Jan for explaining
just practice easel card put butterfly paper on first didnt like it so stuck glitter paper on top. and mirror card silver at top and green mirror card at bottom a rose i printed on paper from Docrafts download
do a better one tomorrow

Monday, 20 February 2012

A Birthday card for my Grandaughter
Pictures from a Joanna Sheene CD
The girl is inside the card has Azatate on the window
with cut out roses from J S CD
Card has another piece on the back to open out and the
 front and middle piece is stuck so you have to look in the window
has a box for card 

Another  birthday card for Granddaughter
This one has fairy's stuck on inside of card as well as outside .also has Azatate for the window
and card sits in a box


This grandson will be 21 used the pic from the Daisy  & friends CD
and done Easel card for this used mirror card cut out butterfly's
 and sticky ribbon around edge and used sticky dots

Easel card for my Grandson found a dowcrafts pic i downloaded
Paper came from a freebie in card book cut out butterfly's with punch

Sunday, 19 February 2012

My first easel card  made with the daisy and friends cd
Made card using the pink Basil paper with some pink ribbon that i bought ages ago the oval paper and the pieces in the 2 corners was from making cards book that i used to have put some white lace  around the edge rose at the top and 4 little flowers was some other paper that i had when i first started making cards and i stamped the words : friendship like ours grow stronger together  on front .
Have entered card in the Daisy & Friends challenge & Love is in the air

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Theses are some Hair slides i made with my ribbons stash i have 

Just made a card with one of the flowers
I had some black flower paper that i downloaded , not sure were from ,could have been do crafts
cut middle out with spellbinders,and put yellow glitter paper flower in the middle words says Best wishes and put white sticky tape!!,(not sure what u call it) around edges and middle and inside
you should see the mess on floor ,had the tiny pieces in a lid sitting on table,not there anymore was looking for them ,and found them on floor with the other rubbish that i dropped !! o and the black thing on sid card is a piece of black lase with gold in middle ,i gathered it up to make a flower
Just made a cat jumper the tail i had to wind yarn around finger and needles to make the affect
made some roses,i found a template on line showing how to make them the top yellow one is made out of same paper as the butterfly's , tried 2 of them with the bazzil paper but was 2 stiff,wich is the pink one at the right side and the deeper pink just above the white one. 2 of them i tried to use the embossing powder as they done it one u tube but i probably didn't have right one as it said clear and i only had red and didn't work,now what to do with them,they are a bit big ,need to see if i can make a smaller template.
another Butterfly card with same paper background but different colour doubled butterfly's into 2 and just made it into a normal card, butterfly's are cut out of same stamp as other one and same glittery paper

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Just made a card with Martha Stewart Butterfly punch and the free papers that came from the cardmaking & papercraft book this week,Words on card says Friends are the flowers that bloom in the garden
made another Window box card azatate for window have stuck the butterfly's inside the card as 3 d (stuck 3 together there are 3 inside.
and put rest outside the card around the window
glitter paper for the butterfly's i got from Craft Creations they were samples i think got them at Christmas time

Monday, 13 February 2012

Just thought i would put pic of the bunny jumper i have made the bootees they  have ears and eyes and mouth as well but took pic before i added them on .

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Another new card just finished,with the Magnolia fairy stamp,made it into another of my box cards,put blue mirror board background to reflect the fairy coloured her with promarkers ,must get some more!!put yellow pink red & cream flowers that i cut with my spellbinders,done her wings a light blue and her wand is done with a purple glitter pen Acetate for the front window,i used to make bigger cards of these but now mostly do the smaller cards,it is stuck at the side with the sticky tape so you just look into the window,i need some different dies so i can do different flowers,keep hinting to family ,maybe i will get them for my birthday in March,Hubby came upstairs a minute ago looked at my card and just laughed at it
have entered this card in the ST Lukes challange
Been making new card today Hubby cannot under stand why i want to do these he think i am wasting my time.
this would have been for my Mum if she was still with us ,i do miss them both,
Have made card as a box card,Card is stuck together so you are looking inside , i like making these,have put a blue background in the back used som raffia for a fence and acetate in the window,have done her dress with some parchment paper that i got from parchment craft copied pic and cut pieces out that i wanted for the dress and traced  it on my light box and stuck it back on to look like a party dress did same on the ribbons coloured edges of the ribbons and dress with a jelly pen that glitters and changes colour when u use it  and have put little jewels around bottom and top of dress even though don't think you can see it on the bottom part  as flowers are hiding it mad the flowers with my spellbinder machine with i think they are Marianne stencils 3 different colour pinks and one white roses . coloured the hair face arms & legs with the Primarker pens. I think i shall enter this one in the pink and blue Candy Printed the girl from Daisy and Friends CD
have entered this card in the  ST Lukes challange

Just finished this card ,done with a blue backing paper that i found in box from an old making card mag,used different colour blue lace from my sewing box and a wide blue ribbon in the middle and blue stickers around card middle sticker was supposed to represent a butterfly
I am entering this card in the shades of Blue challange

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

magnolia fairy card Pink & Red colour with red ribbon glitter for the fairy dust and red jewels scatered around card, & red stars and a little heart on dress

This is the Magnolia Fairy card i just done stamp arived today just finished it apart from all the interuptions from my other half.
cut the card with stamp out with my spellbinders he bought me for xmas,and found 2 different papers in my stash !! and some sticky ribbons  and some flowers i bought long time probably from Ebay and forgot about. don't know if they will stick though

made these cards from a download ,done  half on one card and the other half on the other card

just made this card from daisy and friends cd top is finished card and bottom shows it before joined front and middle together, middle has silver mirror board and front window, i cut the ovel out and put acetate on and cut blue butterflys out of a small punch

Monday, 6 February 2012

Just found out another grandsons birthday tomorrow ,silly me there are such a lot of them .
so had to go and do a quicky card for him
found some papers i had down loaded think from a Dowcrafts cd ,or one of the other craft mags, that i received the other week
cut papers out and stuck wiggly eyes on it same on the inside ,there are 2 birds on inside put paper across the page and stuck it down.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Got first blue egg yesterday from one of my cream legbar hens was frozen on ground and had a crack on it,had another one today
Porridge day today,Started snowing last night and it still here ,Brrrrrrrrrrrr.not to much yet though.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Been having a play with the Daisy & Friends CD and the free cut outs from Cardmaking book

 made these 2 cards with the new Daisy and friends CD coloured with the primarker pens

have entered this card in the ST Lukes  challange

This one as well
I would like to enter my card in these challenges today.
Joanna Sheen February - LOVE IS IN THE AIR

these animal ones  came with craft book i bought.
 colours with primarker pens

I would like to enter my card in these challenges today.
                                           Joanna Sheen February - LOVE IS IN THE AIR

More from  Daisy And friends CD