Sewing & Knitting

 A small Blue Botticelli bag with whit tassels all the way round has a cream lining
Another Botticelli bag,this is my Favourite,i had 2 cushion covers that i never used so made the larger bag ,the buttons were originally on the covers and the flower was a hair band that i got at a flower show hope they will be at shows this year so i can get a load as they were only £1 each!! was a bit of a job to get needle  in though to sew it to bag.

this is the back view 

Just made these two bags for Becky and Charlotte ,they are staying with me for a couple of days and wanted a bag .Used the same braid as the other one but put 2 layers one in pink one in blue,done a lace flower in off white and a red and a blue stone out of my jewellery stash that i haven't used yet done lining  in pink and other one in blue same as the blue flowered dolls dress that i made 
2 more Bollicelli bags,these are bigger than the other one
Another bag this time i put a small lace gathered in a ball with a pearl in middle and a tassle hanging down and braid around top  ,i made the tassle from the braid that i had i pulled it out to match.
bag is made a bit different from the other
This is a Botticelli bag that i just made.I got the pattern off eBay and thought i would try it out. It comes in to sizes this is the smaller size. have lined it in a blue lining and made  a ball of lace gathered up and sew it to top of bag and found an old silver  button in my button tin and put in middle.
do you think i should do a smaller lace as hubby says its to Big
I must start making more cards, haven't had much of a chance to do any,
Pyjamas that i have made for granddaughters doll
has a contrasting lace  on cuffs neck legs and bottom of top
Bed set for Granddaughters dolls pram ,i put lace all around the edge and have chain stitched the flowers with a darker pink and blue embroidery thread
Another set of dolls clothe for my granddaughter
coat hat dress petticoat and panties

this pic shows the coat  and doll is wearing dress and hat,panties and petticoat
another dolls dress for granddaughters birthday same pattern as before but in a plain pink material put ric-rac around edges pink ribbon on dress and hat made some ribbon flowers on dress and hat
last time the hat was to small!!! this time hat is to big... got think how to sort this as i made the hat bigger than the pattern this time
Hat sorted now ,i measured a piece of elastic round her head and put it in the lining of hat...

dolls dress,hat and panties  i just made ,hat is too small for her head !!!!! dont u think her slippers are sweet....
Matinee coat
I made my great Granddaughter a dress hat  & bag last summer,this is the hat!! 

Just thought i would put pic of the bunny jumper i have made the bootees they  have ears and eyes and mouth as well 
Just made a cat jumper the tail i had to wind yarn around finger and needles to make the affect
Dolls outfit 
Another dolls outfit made it in pink as well
Dolls clothes
Made this cardi it was all in one wasn't very easy
Made this for my Great Grandson
also made it for one of my grandsons when he was a baby
Made this for Keely my great granddaughter 
My Great granddaughter Keely 
wearing her new hat and dress
Her brother Ryan didn't want to miss out
 here he is demonstrationing  the hat!!

some of the hair slides and/bands i made out off  my 
stash of  ribbons 

hair slides


  1. Pauline these are all wonderful you are so talented and such a good gran. Your granddaughter's outfit if great and your grandson looks good in the hat too! I love the bunny and cat sweaters the cat has some difficult stitching I think but it is really beautiful.
    Vee xx

  2. Hello, Pauline
    The bag I bought from you is really beautiful. It is so well made and perfectly finished with a gorgeous lining. Vee xx