Thursday, 26 April 2012

New bags

this one is an evening bag with a single strap and yellow with green lining with a black flower that was an hair band and a black square button in middle
This one is a green with yellow contrast ,yellow lining and lace flower with  green button in middle ,yellow  strap

This one main colour is yellow with green contrast, green lining ,yellow pocket inside,green lase flower with green button and braid round edge,green shoulder strap


  1. These are so lovely Pauline, I love that beautiful green material
    Lindsay xx

  2. Your bags are gorgeous Pauline. I can't sew a button onto a shirt, never mind being creative. They are simply fabulous.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  3. Beautiful bags Pauline.

  4. Lovely bags and gorgeous dolls clothes. The geese are just so cute. Shirley xx

  5. Great Bags, Pauline. I sent you a facebook message sorry was not around for about a week. Vee xx

  6. Thank you Vee ,and thank you for the stuff Charlotte will love using them.Hope you are better xxx Pauline