Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bad news!!!
Chicken shed blew over fence during last night,all my poor girls-we only got 2 eggs today,cannot wonder at it after the ordeal they been through,Colin and grandson Ben came down to help,got girls in there old run that they were in before its bigger shed and better for them,put them with the 2 cream legbares we bread last summer ,seems ok, we put the 4 cockerels 2 Rhode island reds and 2 cream leg bares in the mended shed and it has been secured better by son-in-law Colin and grandson Ben.
If anyone want to buy a cockerel they are last years born about July,got eggs from Suffolk show,also got 2 lavender Pekins also bread last summer about a month younger than the others
Also had a couple of perspex blow out of the big greenhouse but that no problem, Bernie will put it back when wind dies down.

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